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About Me

Jenile Wong James Born in Kingston Jamaica in 1968. Immigrated to St. Pete, FL in 1980.  Attended Lakewood High School and St. Pete Jr. College.  Graduated with B.S. Computer Science, from the University of Central Florida.  Married to Jeffrey James since Dec 1990.  Mother of two.  Hobbies include snow skiing, travel, cooking, sewing, belly dancing and working out.  Favorite city:  San Francisco.

Latest News

Click here to hear DMS band play

Click here to see Jonathan & Kyle's Stop Motion Video for a School Project about Archaic Indians in Georgia.

Latest Activities

Working out of my home office creating websites.  Taking care of 2 kids, 1 husband, a cat and fish.

Carnival Cruise

We had a trip to Mexico, Belize and Nassau in December

November, 2006
Visit to St. Pete, Florida

October, 2006
Other Portraits